Public Bulletin Board Policy

I.    A bulletin board is located in the entry area for use by the public, other governmental units, and community organizations.  Priority is as follows:

(A)  Official village notices.

(B)  Library related materials either that of Reeseville or other libraries in the

       Monarch consortium.

(C)  Community notices deemed to be of interest or about local activities.

  1. All notices are subject to the following guidelines:
  • All items must be dated and will be displayed for one month maximum.
  • Multiple copies of the same notice will not be permitted.
  • Both the appearance and content of the notices must be suitable for use in the library public service area.
  • Given the small size of the bulletin board area, oversized items must be limited and/or placed in the lower part of the board.
  • Items may not be placed more than two weeks prior to the activity, event or meeting.
  1. The following types of notices will NOT be posted in the Library.
  • Notices of religious activities unless they are announcing activities and events that are open to the general public (potlucks, craft sales, etc.).
  • Notices of political parties or candidates.
  • Posters, petitions and other notices advocating a position on a public issue, political stance or philosophy.
  • Items placed in order to obscure others.
  • Announcements about alcohol and tobacco promotions.
  1. Library staff has full authority over the items posted on the bulletin board.  Staff will monitor the bulletin board daily by removing old notices and items that are inappropriate or not allowed.  Items posted too far in advance of the two-week period will also be removed.  The library will not be responsible for an item removed by other parties, and all notices are destroyed once the event/meeting has passed.  Therefore, anything posted will not be returned.  Under no circumstances shall signs be posted on the library doors or walls.

Approved by the Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees on this __11th____ day of__January___, 2011.

Approved by the Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees on this __11th____ day of__February___, 2014.

Approved by the Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees on this __24th____ day of__October___, 2017.